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Less than 5% of Ideas reach the marketplace. Because even the best ideas need a roadmap to commercialization with an effective go-to-market plan grounded in a market assessment.

This is where Innovation Senz stands out.  Not only do we develop idea pipelines based on market assessment, but we also determine financial viability of these ideas and build the commercial roadmap to bring these ideas to market.

Projects include developing a strategy with a global raw material supplier for targeted business development, and better sourcing partnerships supplying the PPE industry.  Also, developed an idea pipeline along with a commercialization path to inventory for Post Foods. 

The founder as an intrapreneur, identified and commercialized three $250 million brands leveraging market research, commercialized through cross functional teams across B2B and B2C companies.

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Associate Vice President at GLG

GLG hired Srin Kuchibotla to develop a strategy for a large global raw material supplier to the PPE industry. He built models across market size, competitive analysis, product portfolio, industry applications, and Critical to Quality (CTQ) factors that offered actionable pathways on how the client can differentiate themselves as raw materials suppliers. Srin always put the client's needs first and ensured their questions were answered in a timely manner. We would consider working with him again for such strategic consulting efforts.


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